Life & Business Advising

This is CoopTIME!

You have the plan, now you need a trusted adviser to help you stay focus on the goal ahead.

Need to clear the noise of life, so you don't lose sight of the vision.  Are your decisions in alignment with your commitments?  Do you just need to talk it out?  This is only a few of the benefits of having us in your corner.  We help you save time and the energy of the spiral of indecision.  We help you breakthrough to your success.

Business Services & Coaching

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  Are you ready to move or expand you business and need help navigating some of the loopholes?  Do you know how to improve your customer credit card security; beyond your merchant processor?  Do you want to improve how you receive payments from your clients that will actually save you money?  Purchase Ink for all of your printer needs at the highest quality and best prices around. 

Yes, we are here to give you and your team the edge needed to breakthrough to your next level of success.

What is Maxser Group?

Maxser Group is a partnership of success, where faith and business flow together for result that will last and make a positive impact.

We are solution architects.  We help you design and execute the solutions that fit your life and business goals.

James and Regyna are the founders of Maxser Group and believe in the reason the name was selected.  It is all about providing MAXimum SERvice in all we do. Being married for over 20 years, in business together for more than 15 years, and in ministry for more than 10 years speaks volumes about their commitment to success and service.

Our goal is to help leaders achieve their goals without compromise.  Our passion is seeing barriers broken down and dreams of success happen.

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What Clients are saying...

“My sweet friend, James R. Cooper, gets it. He gets me!! He gets all of us who strive to live a purposeful, meaningful, joyful life. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, James shares his journey of ups and downs so that we may be encouraged and motivated to stay the course and, like him, achieve success. What kind of success? The kind where we know each evening that we've used our gifts and talents in full service to others. Now THAT's a Caviar Day!

Jory Fisher    

“I am grateful for the guidance from my writing coach and the woman who helped me bring life to my dream, author Regyna Cooper and her team. Thank you for believing in me, when all I had was a word from God. I believed and he led me to the right person to make my dream a reality. You have been gifted with helping others birth their dreams. Thank you for writing my foreword.”

Carla Youngblood

“Regyna listened attentively during our conversation and turned what seemed like a plate of idea spaghetti into a succinct statement that enables me to clearly articulate what I do.

If you're struggling, Regyna can help you clear the path so you can focus on your market. Thumbs up!”

Shonn Scott

"If I were you, I would cherish the opportunity to work with Regyna as she will coach you and pray for you through your self-discovery process to becoming the entrepreneur that God has called you to be."

Kristin Mrotek