Personal Development for the Christian Entrepreneur (2)
Winning the Inner Game

Are you ready to live the life you've been dreaming about and trying to create?Why is it taking so long?  You're doing everything they say, but haven't gotten the footing to launch your business, find time for family, or even time for yourself.

We know that, enough is enough feeling.  And it didn't come quickly, because we couldn't see.  There was too much noise and tips coming at us to see the simple truth.  What do I want and what is the field I should be playing.

Too many times, we fail to achieve or reach what's possible, because we are not clear with ourselves and are not seeing the field of play.  Both of which make a big difference in our journey forward.

A mentor once ask us the question of who would win the battle between an alligator and a bear.  Both are powerful and formidable, so who would win?  The answer, it depends on the field of battle (land or water).  Why is this important to us?  If we’re playing on the wrong field, with the wrong rules, how can we win the game?

Over the last few decades, we have learned a lot while working with family, friends, clients, and in ministry?

We know success is an inside out process that is necessary to creates a life that brings joy and fulfillment. Success isn’t guaranteed by a single outcome.  Significance is not tied to finances.  Both are the sum of the lessons learned and wisdom earned during the journey. Our challenge is to believe what God has said about us and in confidence create that reality through consistent effort to become the best authentic version of ourselves while on this earth.  We are Winning the Inner Game, when we keep discovering the greatness God placed in us, share it with world, and stay committed to getting better through the work of believing.


Join us for a journey to win the most important game!  The one within, the one that guides us to victory!

Winning the Inner Game is a journey of discovering the confidence and boldness that occurs when we are in right alignment. The resilience to walk through the obstacles, uncertainty, fear, and indecision that are a part of the human experience, to live the great life God designed for you to enjoy. As an entrepreneur, the world is throwing all kinds of ideas and thoughts that they say is needed to find your success. The truth is nothing grows in a confused space. For accelerated growth and transformation to be achieved we have to learn to move through fear, rejection, and out of our comfort zone to be all that God is calling us to be.

How you see yourself? Do you see your value? This course peals back the layers, to discover your seeds of greatness.

You don't need all the stuff that is being thrown at you on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Gurus. You have it all inside. This course will partner with the truth God has already placed in you. When we take hold and believe, we start Winning the Inner Game.

Over the past decade, we have discovered a process that has work for our clients. The SEED process is:

  1. Sight - See your Success clearly.
  2. Execution - Act on what you see inside you.
  3. Excellence - Do your best in all things everyday, and watch your results.
  4. Determination - Let nothing stop you from seeing your vision/goals become a reality.

This course has 4 focuses, with 5 lessons in each.  It includes group support, 1-on-1 calls, and group office hours.  The course is designed to meet you right where you are, avoiding the time lapse chasing the gurus create to accelerate your time to live the life you desire.

This course is a tool to help you find your way to discovering your focus. Allowing you to save time, money, and frustration on your way to the dream God has placed in your heart. With God, we discover priorities of success in every area if our lives. No more delay. It's time to Go BIG!!

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