As an entrepreneur, executive, leader, life throws many surprises at us. While we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, how we respond makes all the difference to situations. When you need a trusted adviser to bounce business decisions that keep God first, we are here. We can give you the first response you will receive from us right now. The conversation will begin with, "What did the Lord Say?". This is always freely given. Then we can discuss your strategy forward. This advisory service has help some amazing leaders breakthrough to the next level. Part of our blessing, gift, talents God has given us is that of trusted advisers. My husband James R. Cooper and I, are partners in business, ministry, and life. Yes, we are God crazy and He set our paths straight :-). We see things very similar, but from different angles. Our backgrounds include expertise in the areas of project management, budgeting, finance, facilitation, to name a few. We bring all of them to the table.
CoopTime helps you to level set. You’ll learn about acceptance and acknowledgement of your talents and God's grace. This is the power of surrendering yourself and your business to God. With God You Success Is Non-Negotiable!

Group Coaching

Maxser Group Coaching helps you leap to your next level of success in Life and Business.  We offer "From Crackers to Caviar" your personal development guide based on James' amazing book by the same title.  "Discovering the Entrepreneur Within" helps you get clear in your pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream.  "Faith Walk" helps you move forward in this crazy world while keeping your eyes on God.  Enroll in Christian Success Academy-Entrepreneurs for training and course updates.  Schedule some time to discuss how we can best serve you, while giving you back you peace of mind.


Business Services

Our Business Service include several areas:

  1. Looking for ways to maximize your office supply spend? Switch to our high quality remanufactured ink cartridges. Our large assortment of ink and toner supplies offer an easy and risk free way to cut costs, without sacrificing quality.
  2. CardConnect - Making payments simple, secure and reliable.  Easily add secure payment acceptance capabilities into any application.
  3. Business Development & Diagnostics.

Schedule some time to discuss how we can best serve you and save you money.  We are here to help you improve your support services to better serve your clients. 


Author's Corner


From Crackers to Caviar...Guide to Personal Development by James R. Cooper

Are you ready to make a personal shift in your life? Have you been writing your vision, but haven't taken action? If you are ready to make "Your Success Non-Negotiable"? If so, then this book is for you. Everyone has the ability to be successful, we simply have to be determined enough to get started and stay the course. Everyone, no matter your profession, trade or ministry has the tools to accomplish any goal. God has placed people, words and resources all around us. When success becomes non-negotiable everything starts to fall into place and becomes obtainable. Learn how to: • Clarify your Vision • Achieve the Future Promised to you • Celebrate your failures • Overcome distractions • Create the Habits of Success James provides a powerful, but easy read with hands on activities to overcome obstacles to success. It is full of information to help fertilize the seed the Lord placed deep in you before you were born. These plans have lain dormant for too long. As the Lord told young Jeremiah, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." May the Lord uses this book to help you make your success non-negotiable, to give you, and those who you are assigned to help, a great future.

MisCarriage of a Dream...In Pursuit of Purpose by Regyna Cooper

God given dreams are never miscarried. However, too many times we are willing to lay our dreams down or give them away because things don't occur as we expect or desire. What happens when we began to embrace the necessary challenges, hurdles and discomfort that come with birthing a dream? Our character becomes stronger; our relationships with others and with God are strengthened. What may seem to be a loss could be the very thing used to propel us into our destiny and purpose. Carrying a dream is the process of discovering who we really are to God. This book and journal will help you embrace your dreams and live in the fullness of joy which God created you. Miscarriage of a Dream takes you on a journey of rediscovered hope. Welcome to the beginning of your journey of living your dreams and experiencing purpose fulfilled.

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